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Erin Hunter is the penname for four women who write and edit the Warriors series.

As you may have heard, Erin Hunter is actually two people! She is experienced children's book writers Kate Cary and Cherith Baldry, who both live in the UK, work on stories together, and take it in the turns to write the books. They came up with a single named, Erin Hunter, to avoid confusing readers by having books from the same series on different places on the bookshelves.

Erin Hunter is inspired by a love of cats and a fasination with the ferocity if the national world. As well as having a great respect for nature in all its forms, Erin enjoys creating rich explinations for animal behavior, shaped by her intrest in astrology and standing stones.


Victoria "Vicky" Holmes grew up in England around horses and other animals on a farm, and enjoyed riding as well as reading and writing. Vicky studied and graduated at Oxford University, and now lives in London with her dog Missy. Both an editor and an author herself, Victoria Holmes has written three books combining historical fiction and horses, Rider In The Dark (2004), The Horse from the Sea (2005), and Heart Of Fire (2006).

Vicky is the mastermind behind the Warriors series, being more then just an editor, she came up with and continues to write the plots behind the series. She will be writing Cats Of the Clans. Vicky does not like cheese on her pizza, but does like anchovies and black olives.

Victoria Holmes - editor


Cherith Baldry was born in Lancaster and now lives in Reigate, England, and was married to the late Peter Baldry, and had two sons Will and Adam, who are now adults. She used to be a teacher, but gave up teaching for writing fiction, including the Eaglesmount series and the Abbey Mysteries series for children, and an adult novel called Exiled From Camelot. She has particular interests in History, King Arthur, and ancient forms of worship and astrology which can be seen reflected in her work.

Cherith Baldry writes under the name Erin Hunter for the Warriors series. She wrote books: Forest of Secrets, A Dangerous Path, The Darkest Hour, Midnight, Moonrise, Starlight, Twilight, Sunset and Firestar's Quest.

Cherith Baldry - author

From warriorcats.com...

Cherith Baldry first fell in love with cats while growing up on a farm. Her family kept cats to catch mice in the barn and in the house but also as loving pets. Her first cat after she was married was a grey tabby named Tomlyn. Tomlyn was acquired while she and her husband were teaching at the University of Sierra Leone in Njala, a country in Africa. He was half Siamese - half African bush cat with a very friendly attitude. When they returned to the UK Tomlyn came as well but had to stay in the quarantine for six months before he could come home. Her husband was a scientist and named her next cat, Schrager, after the Austrian physicist. She now shares her home with the real Brambleclaw and Sorreltail, though their names are only Bramble and Sorrel. Sorrel is a small tortoiseshell and white cat. Bramble is a dark tabby, and, unlike Sorrel's demanding nature, is quiet and dignified. While writing, Bramble curls up on her lap and Sorrel sits on the work.

Cherith Baldry loves to write Warriors so that she can imagine a cat's eye view of the world. She is also particularly interested in King Arthur. Epic battles, courtly code of behaviors, and knights are all themes very predominant in Warriors. Together, she and Kate Cary, share an interest in ancient forms of worship, astrology, and stone circles. The have used their knowledge to give depth to the cat's own mythology.


Kate was born in England on November 4, 1967. She lived in rural Scotland for 12 years, but now lives in northern England with her husband and young son. Kate has an interest in astrology and animal interaction, and has also written two vampire books titled Bloodline: Demons of the Trenches and the sequel, Reckoning.

Kate Cary writes under the name Erin Hunter for the Warriors series. She wrote books: Into The Wild, Fire And Ice, Rising Storm, Dawn, The Sight, and Dark River.

Kate has a website at the www.theguttersnipe.co.uk.

Kate Cary - author

From warriorcats.com...

I grew up with cats on a farm, so of course I grew up with working cats who kept down mice in the barn, but where still friendly house cats who would play and curl up on my lap. My first cat after I married a gray tabby called Tomlyn. We acquired him while we were out in africa, teaching at the university of Sierra Leone. He was part siamese, part African bush cat, and one of the friendliest cats I've ever known. When we cam back to the UK we brought him with us; although he had to stay in quarantine for six months, he didn't forget us, and when we went to visit him he climbed all over us, purring like mad! My next cat was Schriger, after the austrian physicist. He was ginger and white and very playful. My two sons, Will and Adam are grown up now so I share my home with two cats, Bramble and Sorrel. sorrel is a tiny tortishell and white cat, very dainty and demanding. Bramble is a dark tabby, quiet and dignified, a real gentleman. When I?m working, bramble comes and sits on my lap. Sorrel comes and sits on my work. They have their own secret world as Brambleclaw and Sorreltail, and I love writing warriors so that I can imagine a cat?s eye view of the world. They'll always be something mysterious about cats, and that's one of the reasons I love them.


Born in Caracas, Venezeula, Tui was named after a bird native to New Zealand and graduated from William's College in 1998. She currently lives in Boston with her husband and puppy Sunshine. Tui once wanted to go into theatrics, but decided to follow the more stable path of a writer. Tui Sutherland has written several children and young adult novels through her career as an editor and writer for HarperCollins Publishers including This Must Be Love, Who Was Harry Houndini? and the Avatar series.

Tui wrote Secrets Of The Clans and Seekers #1: The Quest Begins under the name Erin Hunter, and has been an editor for the entire Warriors series since book one, Into The Wild.

Tui Sutherland has a website at www.tuibooks.com.
Tui Sutherland - author